Welcome to the Plasma Universe Virtual Museum

Anthony L. Peratt

Scientific Advisor
The United States Department of Energy
Washington DC
Associate Laboratory Directorate
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos, New Mexico 87545



Our Mission

The Virtual Museum's objective is to demonstrate the implications of progress in Space and Astrophysical Plasmas, socially and culturally, through the ages. Mankind since its origin has been interlinked with plasmas in numerous ways if indeed life itself did not originate by lightning strokes through a primordial plasma astmosphere . Flames, lightning, the Sun, the observable stars, the nebulae, and even the solar system and Earth itself are believed to have originated from cosmic plasma. The museum's purpose is one of education; linking together major collections, exhibitions, publications and other activities in plasma science, which makes it a place of learning for all.

Capitol Hill Reception and Exhibits on Plasma Science and Technology: United States Department of Energy; Coalition for Plasma Science

"Electric Space, Exploring Our Plasma Universe" Museum: National Science Foundation; National Oceangraphic and Atmospheric Administration

Electric Space Touring Museums: Space Science Institute

Norsk Teknisk Museum, Oslo, The Northern Lights

NASA seminars on the Plasma Universe

Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, Illinois: Fusion Energy Exhibit

Norsk Hydro History Exhibit, Notodden, Norway

Definition of Electric Space