At the Space Science Institute, we start by bringing science directly into the real world. And what better way to attract todayÕs active minds than with an active exhibit?

SSIÕs vibrant new Electric Space Exhibit is an interactive museum showcase that captures the viewerÕs imagination, and wonÕt let go. Filled with eye-catching graphics, together with the sights and haunting sounds of space, the 3000 square foot exhibit is a true multimedia experience. Designed to intrigue the video generation, it offers a variety of enticing hands-on displays.

YouÕll be transported to another world, leaving behind dry facts and bringing science to life. Come with us now while we explore a few highlights on our trip through Electric Space.

Dr. Timothy Eastman explains the basics of our plasma universe.

The National Touring exhibition 'Electric Space' at the Learning Resource Center, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Washington DC.

The four states of matter: plasma, gas, solid, and liquid.

A Plasmsphere illustrating the 'life-like' behavior of plasma.

Dr. James Van Allen, pioneer in the discovery of plasma belts around the Earth.

An example of plasma currents terminating on a spherical body.

A graphics artist in front of his enlarged galaxy picture depicting the structure of its magnetic fields.