The term 'Electric Space' was coined by Dr. Carolyn Brown, Chief, Asian Division, Library of Congress in the 1990s. The name was then used to innaugurate the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration Learning Resource Center's exhibits on space weather, space plasmas, and the plasma universe; as well as its travelling exhibits.

With the advent and widespread use of the internet, terms long used in the academic community such as plasma universe, plasma astrophysics and cosmology, and electric space, used in titles in peer-reviewed, archived journals, disciplines within physics and engineering, and in books by known publishers, started to become corrupted in the public domain. New terms invented by anyone with a personal computer and access to the internet has led to considerable confusion. Disciplinary names like plasma universe, cosmical electrodynamics, plasma astrophysics and cosmology becoming associated with like sounding names such as 'plasma cosmology' and 'electricity something'; but reinterpreted and finding favor with crystal-link sites, ufo sites, and others touting 'shocking stories about electricity', psychodelic trance producers and music, and other endeavors.